Homebuyer Opinions on Home Fire Sprinklers

Publication Date : 17/03/2024

Author(s) :

Ryan Silvia.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 3
Issue 1
(03 - 2024)

Abstract :

This research article aims to gather data regarding home buyer attitudes toward home fire sprinkler systems. Specifically, the research article will seek to determine the price threshold where home buyers would be willing to invest in a home fire sprinkler system. To that extent, a survey instrument was developed to understand public opinion on home fire sprinklers, including any demographic differences such as age, gender, and income, as well as preexisting knowledge of home fire sprinkler technology as self-reported by the respondents. Furthermore, it was desired to research whether receiving even minimal education regarding home fire sprinkler technology could change the opinion of the survey participants. The initial ninequestion survey collected demographic data and baseline opinions on home fire sprinkler systems. After answering the initial nine questions, survey respondents were directed to watch a four-minute, 22-second education video from the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs. After watching the video, two follow-up questions were asked to determine if the respondents’ opinions had changed. Before watching the video, a minority (44.5%) indicated that they would spend 1% or more on home fire sprinklers. After watching the video, nearly three-quarters (73.3%) stated they would spend 1% or more, reflecting a 28.8% swing in opinion. The study revealed some demographic differences related to age, gender, and income that warrant further study. Recommendations made as a result of this study include prioritizing home fire sprinkler education as a component of fire departments’ Community Risk Reduction (CRR) programs, creating home fire sprinkler educational messaging that targets specific populations, and continuing to research ways to make home fire sprinkler technology more affordable. Keywords: sprinklers, fire service, fire protection systems, fire suppression technology, home fire safety

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